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  • Corporate Planning
  • Operations Analysis
  • Business Organization Assessment
  • Executive Compensation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Employee Benefit Planning
  • Succession / Exit Planning
  • Risk Analysis
    Corporate Planning
    Corporate or strategic planning is the process through which business owners and executives continually chart the company’s well being and direction.

    Essential for businesses in any stage of development, objective strategic planning defines objectives, critical success factors, operational, human and financial resource requirements, marketing strategies and plans, and projected financial performance. It serves as the basis of functional diagnoses to assure that all elements of the business are well suited to accomplishing defined business objectives. By establishing hard targets and variance tolerances along with specific policies and programs, business planning also supports rational executive decision making in a crisis.

    Executive Strategies Group LLC engages executives and key staff in a non-threatening methodical process of strategic planning. The resulting plans are management tools to plot and measure the company’s growth and development. While the most important users are the executives themselves, strategically formulated corporate plans are also used by financing sources, attorneys, customers and suppliers, among others. Plans prepared under the guidance of ESG meet the requirements of all of these audiences.
    Operations Analysis
    Executive Strategies Group LLC employs its unique FOUR FLOW-P™ process to examine the impact of a company’s:
    • Information Flow
    • Work Flow
    • Product Flow
    • Cash Flow
    • Profitability

    ESG’s effective examination of a company’s present method of operation enables management to clearly understand the location and type of impediments to achieving defined objectives. It also facilitates the definition of very specific, and therefore cost effective, solutions to identified problems. The objective is to assure the company’s functional ability to profitably sustain planned growth in a manner consistent with increasing shareholder value.
    Business Organization Assessment
    Human capital is the most important resource in any business. Accordingly, our analysis of the company’s functional table of organization along with job descriptions and policy manuals reveal the efficiency and effectiveness of the business’s organizational structure. This process also examines intra-organizational communications and span-of-control policies.
    Executive Compensation
    Attracting and retaining top level executives and key employees in a highly competitive global environment is challenging for any company seeking such talent. Executive Strategies Group LLC’s team of experts formulate detailed and affordable executive compensation plans that keep present high level employees motivated and productive. These plans also attract those executives and key personnel critical to attaining strategic business objectives.
    Executive Coaching
    Business owners and CEO’s are visionaries. They are also their business’ principal decision makers. In this capacity, life can be lonely at the top. As the business owner’s or CEO’s strategic counselor and confidant, Executive Strategies Group LLC provides tools designed to properly identify problems and opportunities, array and synthesize information provided by others, and make decisions on an objective basis. These tools, coupled with regularly scheduled confidential discussions, empower the executive as decision maker. The result? Confidence that the outcome of this problem/opportunity identification and resolution process will be for the benefit of the company and its owners and executives.
    Employee Benefit Planning
    A motivated and loyal workforce is vital to productivity, business success and profitability. Executive Strategies Group LLC’s highly respected and creative team of employee benefit specialists formulate strategies, plans and implementation vehicles assuring employee peace of mind, retention and motivation at the least possible cost to the company. The focus is not on product, but on strategy and structure appropriate to achieving the company’s strategic objectives.
    Succession / Exit Planning
    Succession planning and exit planning are often and erroneously viewed as being synonymous. They are not. In fact, succession planning itself is comprised of two components: Internal and external.

    Internal succession planning is a component of strategic planning. It addresses executive management’s ability to assume the responsibilities and functions of the CEO who may unexpectedly die or become severely disabled. External succession planning refers to the orderly process of continuing the company’s legacy through transfer of ownership to family members and/or key personnel. This form of succession planning is closely linked to estate planning. While exit planning can be associated with external succession, it frequently includes other scenarios often born of sound strategic planning such as a sale of the company or a liquidation of assets.

    Executive Strategies Group LLC’s resources, led by the Firm’s founder, Jeffrey Bass, has decades of experience in guiding business owners, family members and key executives through what could be a very confusing and complicated process of defining succession plans and exit strategies that work for the business--as well as for the business owner and his/her family.
    Risk Analysis
    Businesses are dynamic entities existing in dynamic ever changing environments. As a result, a company’s exposure to risk fluctuates with these changes. It is critical to the health and financial well being of the company and its shareholders that risk be continually monitored and properly and cost effectively managed. Executive Strategies Group LLC works on behalf of a business’ owners and executives in maintaining this vigilance.

    Whether collaborating with incumbents or its affiliated, highly respected, insurance and legal specialists, ESG assures that the company’s risk is minimized and its assets well protected at the least possible cost. Risk management programs are assessed and modified as appropriate. Insurance policies are scrupulously reviewed to assure that both coverage and insuring agreement language reflect company needs.