"Jeffrey Bass is nothing short of a brilliant business strategist. His incisive advice, strategic counsel and wide range of connections were invaluable to Fortress Global Investigations Corporation in the early stages of our development and over the years. Jeffrey helped us with business plan writing, establishing critical success factors and long term goal setting that has helped our multi-digit growth since inception."

Robert W. Seiden
President & CEO
Fortress Global Investigations & Security, Inc.

Dear Jeff,

As a second generation family owned growing business, we have struggled with many of the common issues associated with having a dad and three equal family partners, who also hold employee positions within the firm. Structuring the correct buy out for dad several years ago to meet the needs of dad's retirement and the business was difficult enough, not to mention the on going strategy to foster the correct alignment between each family member, as well as the business needs to sustain growth and profitability.

I really would like to personally thank you for helping us every step of the way. As I have gotten to know you over the past several years you have truly become a trusted advisor that we can always count on. Your professionalism and innate caring personality has been a guiding light, giving the family direction, proper goals and most of all comfort through these convoluted issues.
Thank you.

Michael Mallia
AFCO Systems Group.